The infinite fear of Ozone…

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Just before the rain

with the smell of ozone in the air

you can hear it

just for a fleeting second

a pause in

the momentary glitch


a flashing screen

for a moment dark

and you pause

do you turn off the television?

is it a blackout

the night rushing into your home

the cold seeping around the window sill

to fill the void left by


is it?

Finger twitching

remote in hand

the moment over

the ozone

replaced by thunder

as the rain falls

over and around

under and through

you forget

the moment

you forget the fear

watching Monday night sitcoms

and wondering what

the cave man did

sitting alone in his dark cave

with no light switch

no Monday night football

and no fear of Ozone.


From the desk of Sandler Boggs

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