The last slide home

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It is still there

I saw it walking

past the old school that

has seen better days

and around from the new shiny skate park

gleaming with its metal slides and

concrete waves

the old chain link backstop

rusted now

and falling down

stooping in its old age

like osteoporosis deleted bones

sagging inward

but it is still there

amid the weeds and


I saw it walking by

not stopping to recall

the last slide home

home plate still there

in the weeds

you can

if you listen closely

still hear the cheers

and he rounded third

and stretching

his arms pumping



started to slide

a cloud of dust

the poignant pause

and then the umpire through the fog


the cheers


but somehow muted by time now

would they have been louder

knowing it was

the last slide home?


From the desk of Sandler Boggs

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