Random Friday Randomization




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I am after more than 15 years dismantling the last two servers in my lab. there is of course the small issue of machines that are domain joined and the impact on them, but that isn’t a huge deal. How many people have multiple domain’s in their basement anyway?

A few Random Thoughts…

  • Egad it seems strange to be thinking about giving up the home lab. But the time has come. I am now a cloud consumer.
  • 40 years ago I was riveted to anything NASA on television. I have to say the flight of Enterprise from Dulles to NYC brought back those memories. Seeing Enterprise perched on the back of a 737 ready for takeoff at Dulles reminded me of the glory days of NASA. Well the glory days are coming again with a number of cool things coming up – but I wonder if in fact it isn’t time for the UN to sponsor a true international space agency.
  • I find peace walking, even with the Chaos of a street around me why is that?
  • I’ve been listening to talk radio on my portable XM device while walking. When I want a change of pace I listen to Audible books – seriously there has to be something wrong with me. I love to walk with someone talking to me.
  • I am addicted to watches. They are no longer cool but I still love them.
  • I can no longer beat the boys, ever in Halo.
  • I can no longer beat Jackie in Halo.
  • Does it say you are a good dog owner when your dogs live 10 + years?
  • I love dogs.
  • I want my MTV…


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