Sunday afternoon with Scott

My Amazon author page!!!!

For those of you playing along at home – a couple of new Podcasts out on the stream. You can also get it in the Zune store and the Itunes store (free in both). I also have some Fred and Ed stories on the Podcast and will be adding a couple more.. If I can find someone to do the voice (because frankly my voice doesn’t do justice to the character) I may even add a couple of additional Cloud Whisperer epodes.

Today is the long course walk day. I don’t know why I like to walk 10 + miles on Sunday’s. For some reason it really resonates with me. Starts the week off with a sense of relaxed purpose.

Went through another purge this week. Moved out a number of items I haven’t used in more than a year. Its my new standard although a little painful because frankly there are a number of things I haven’t used that I may again use. It forces me to evaluate the goals of the might use and make a judgment call as to if the might =reality.

I’ve been doing some video taping – probably should start a YouTube channel like the podcast. Or maybe made a video podcast. I did a couple of those in the past. Its all about the tribal knowledge.

There is an very interesting new video camera from 3m that is out now. It is a hand held video camera and projector. I am curious about that as it would seem to fill a niche in the market that has long been one that interested me. Combined or multi-purpose devices that solve one or two problems well. Not the Swiss army knife version (solve many problems OK not well).

Enough for today – need to prep for my walk!


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