Remembering Cincinnati Ohio

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Yesterday while walking I spent the time listening to an excellent book. I am about 1/2 through the last George RR Martin Game of Thrones series and have to say it is quite impressive. I began my love of fantasy novels more than 40 years ago reading the hobbit. Actually my teacher read it to us after lunch recess every day for a year.

I read the original English version of the trilogy (Lord of the Rings) when I lived in Thailand and went to an English school. The Americanized version of the books were change originally so reading the original series in its original form was quite nice. That remains my favorite series of books of all time. f course back then I either had to buy a book or go to the library. Now I can download the book and listen to it on my Ipod. I still like the Audible player of the Zune better but since they have been discontinued I really can’t support that anymore.

I got a new Sony video camera and have been playing with it. We took it to Mt. Vernon. It has a bunch of very nice features (as digital video camera’s tend to)…I suspect a review is coming soon but no clue as to when I will actually find time to write that review.

Barb and I bought our first video camera more than 20 years ago when we moved to Cincinnati. She was a Video Producer then for an advertising agency so she used the camera frequently. It was a VHS desk that you carried around – compared to the 3 pounds of the new Sony camera it was quite a load. It is amazing to me the quality of video that the newer camera’s produce.

I was thinking about Cincinnati the other day. Barb and I moved there June 1 1991. It seems strange to think that it was more than 20 years ago. we packed everything we owned in a single U-Haul trailer and moved to a townhouse in Fairfield Ohio ( a suburb of Cincinnati). For the next 8.5 to nearly 9 years we lived in a number of towns in and around Cincinnati. We lived in Maineville (by Kings Island) for a year. We lived in Western Hills (our first house, and the first house we lost money on) for nearly 5 years. We loved that Dutch Colonial House. But when the boys were board it was toooooo small. We ended up building a house in the Mt Airy section of Cincinnati (just north of the Mt. Airy park and water towers if you are familiar with Cincinnati). Gwen joined our family in Cincinnati when we lived on Shafer Avenue (Western Hills). We didn’t have a garage on Shafer and that was bad. Our car was parked on the street in front of our house and was actually hit by passing cars three times. Only one time out of the three did the other driver leave their information and insurance. The other tow times just cost us money.

Cincinnati represents the birth of our family. I will always cherish my time there.


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