Brave new world of devices…

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Interesting product – I am playing with the new 3m personal video camera and projector. Between that and the airstash card I am curious about the upcoming reality of personal electronics.

I am a gadget geek. My children, wife and mother all say the gadget part is redundant. But for this argument let us suffice it to say I am a gadget geek. The airstash is interesting to me – partly because I have a lot of apps on my iPhone and it buys me additional storage.  Ios devices using the airstacsh software can connect to the wi-fi enabled USB key. Laptops can use the USB device for storage. It means you can easily and effectively carry your presentations on the usb card and present with the IPAD without having the presentation on your IPad. It uses SD cards (which over the years I have collected like candy – you can’t really get rid of them) so you can have multiple data sources with you. It is a well designed solution – I am very impressed with the quality and capabilities of the device.

The personal project space is one that interested me a lot as a consultant – but now has become even more interesting. The ability to quickly and easily share a video has amazing potential. You don’t have to put the tape in or connect the camera you simply point the camera at the wall and you can review a video presentation.

Oh brave new world to have devices such as this in it.


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