Top workout gadgets

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I pulled a muscle lifting weights the other day (very small weights and very carefully). As a 20 year old I did something similar and it was gone away pain wise in about 8 days. I am now heading into my third week and the doctor said it may be another two weeks before it heals completely. Arrggh.

Many years ago I used to be a runner, now due to bad knees I am a walker. But the one constant is I am a gadget freak. So there are a number of interesting gadgets for people who walk/run both indoors and outdoors.

Scott’s Top work out gadgets:

  • Any of the Garmin workout watches. I have owned a Garmin watch of various kinds for more than 7 years. I tend to upgrade from the previous to the new version because I like the newer feature sets. However, any of their watches is a great addition to your workout.
  • Fitbit or gozone pedometer (just for the social aspects of sharing how far you are walking alone!). I love letting my friends know when I hit milestones (and I enjoy when they hit milestones as well). It really is the social aspect of workouts!
  • Portable XM Radio
  • Ipod Classic

I rotate the music device I use. One day its Xm radio – and I either listen to a music channel like the big 80’s or I listen to talk radio. The other days I listen to audible books on my ipod. Currently I am enjoying the Facebook Effect. the interesting reality of the modern gadgets? I haven’t had to replace one (a couple of headsets ) but no devices. When I was using tape players I stopped because I was burning through a portable tape player every 3-4 months. Amazing how much better the technology is now.


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