Just a few things bugging me today




My Amazon author page!!!!






Its time for a rant!

Rant on!!!!!

  • The first thing is less weight on my back. I think it is finally time to go back to a rolling computer bag and stop trying to be 22 and carry the backpack.
  • A device I can carry that will do what I need when I need it easily without having to take my glasses off to look at the little screen. I know bifocals starts that process but the device in my hand still needs to do more!
  • Better integration between my phone and my car. Right now the iphone and the mini have great integration but I struggle connecting with the Toyota. It may be a small nit but it drives me nuts.
  • The next I “device” dropped on my desk will get the dropper a poke in the EYE.
  • I would like Ipods (other than the touch) to be able to do wi-fi sync. I have a great cube speaker for my ipod and would like to keep the device there in the kitchen for music etc. However to sync it (including the podcasts I like to listen to) I have to take it to my computer. It would be nice (hint Apple it would be really nice) to have a wi-fi enabled Ipod other than the touch – or a touch with enough space to keep my apps and my music/photos/videos
  • Can’t we all just change along? Let’s all move towards a single charging standard that allows you to connect any device to your USB port and charge it  easily.
    • No more “wall plug required”
    • No more multiple cables required
    • One cable to rule them all – and connected to USB charge them!
  • Stop SPAM.
  • Wait, stop specific SPAM. Some of it makes me laugh.
  • Stop redmonditis wherever it is.

Rant Off


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