Thanks for your service…

My Amazon author page!!!!

Let’s start today’s blog with a thank you. Thank you to everyone who has served our country. Your willingness to pay for our freedom makes this world a better place. May this day and every other bring you renewed strength and great joy.

I posted a couple of new podcasts on my podcast stream (available in the Zune Market place and on ITunes under the name DocAndersen in both). You can also connect to it directly above at my podbean hosted site).

For those of you waiting for a new Cloud Whisperer podcast one is in the works. It takes me a little time to get those put together. I did get your emails and will be posting that new one soon.

Same for the folks asking about Fred and Ed stories. I have one in the works but like the previous podcast it takes a little more time to build these. I have to practice them a few times before I can record and post them. The scary thing for me is that 24 years ago when I started telling Fred and Ed stories I could do them off the top of my head. Now I have to think about them. And I have real life twins to base some of the stories off of now.

Time to get rolling – nice to have a Monday off.


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