Three days to relax

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We found a great state park yesterday near the house. Seneca Creek State park. Nice trails and very clean park. We walked around the lake, the Lab came with us. She was so tired when we got home that she couldn’t beg at dinner. She just lay on the floor and looked pitiful.

I can’t say there were as many people out over the weekend as I would have expected. I was out all three holiday “days” walking around the neighborhood and other than the pool, which was packed, there seemed to be fewer runners/walkers out and about. Normally on a 2 hour walk (about how long 7 miles takes) you would see 10-15 other folks out walking/running. Over the weekend I guess most of the runners either stayed indoors (it was freaking hot) or went somewhere for the weekend.

I am looking for an FM Radio and Cellular booster that will help with the reduced ability to receive Tmobile and FM radio in my office. I used to get decent FM reception and decent Tmo reception upstairs but now that I am on the ground floor I no longer get any reception for the radio and for the cell phone.

There has to be something that will do both.

Tuesday’s that are actually Monday’s aren’t as bad as Monday’s that are still Monday’s.


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