A day of numbers…




My Amazon author page!!!!






A strange blogging experience lately. A fair percentage of my readers also have my email address. I have now gotten more comments this month in email than posted on the blog itself. That is the first month that has ever happened.

Nearly 40,000 hits on my two blogs now. If I add in my Podcast I am over 40,000 hits. That doesn’t include the newer safegov and IASA blogs and I don’t really keep the stats for those. The various poetry books of Sandler Boggs have sold more than 100 copies which I find amazing. The newest Sandler Boggs epic is coming soon. I suspect its about two to three months away now.

Nearing 4.5 million steps. I am about 30 days from the day I joined fitbit so at my current rate I have a slim outside shot at making 5 million steps in a year. I doubt it, but it will be pretty close. At the very least I really enjoy the fitbit and the new healthmiles programs. It really removes that rainy day I don’t want to walk effect.


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