Random Thought Thursday




My Amazon author page!!!!






Random Questions:

  • Whiteboard, empty or covered?
    • (I miss my classroom chalkboards)
  • Computer desktop cluttered or empty?
  • Personal desk cluttered or empty?
  • Desk at work cluttered or empty?

Random Thoughts:

  • I have lived in six different cities so far – but none of the six is in my two three favorite cities of all time (although Bangkok ranks as my number 4 favorite city so it is the only place I’ve lived that is in my top 5).
  • I spend 30 minutes a day indulging the bizarre side of my brain that thinks it’s a writer.
  • Sandler Boggs isn’t a real person.
  • I have however talked to Sandler Boggs.
  • Why do I care?
  • Shiny is a huge problem for me.
  • How much is too much.
  • I need a whiteboard.
  • Thursday’s are interesting days.

Today I just wonder.




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