No power, no luxury
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No power. Last night the boys got back from work camp around 10:30 pm. We were waiting in the parking lot of the church and saw two red foxes running very quickly in front of our car (in the parking lot). I wondered why they were moving so quickly, Dylan of course just felt they were dinner.

The bus got there and I got out, Barb waited with Fran and Dylan in the car. As I got to the bus (about 24 feet) the wind started to pick up. By pick up it went from a 10 mph wind to a 40 mph wind quickly. It picked up the dust fro the construction site and within 30 seconds we couldn’t see. Literally we could not see from the bus to the car. We hurried to get the boys gear into the car and by the time we all got into the car the boys and I actually got a little wet. Then the sky opened up as we turned the corner out of the church I couldn’t even see far enough to drive more than 10 miles per hour. The rain actually came down in massive sheets you could see. Barb said “it took us 10 minutes to get to church and a half hour to get home.” We crept along for a full half hour. As we drove up the hill on 355 you could see the power go out as if the power was a wave flowing towards us. The power has been out since then.

Such a night. But frankly, having the boys home is worth no power anytime.


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Blurring the lines…

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For the past 6 years I have been a regular walker or runner. I’ve covered more than 4000 miles in that time. In the past years I’ve been tracking every step, taking 4.8 million steps in that year.

  • I’ve changed jobs.
  • I’ve continued to blog.
  • I’ve published books.

All of these things are important to me as a person. For the past week or so I’ve been blurring my blog lines a little, writing a couple of technical blogs on my personal window to the universe (this blog) and some personal thinking on my professional blog (docandersen blog above). Its not that I am blurring the lines on purpose. Writing two blogs 90% of the time results frequently in cross pollination. Instead its more of a gradual realization that technology isn’t as good an answer as I thought it was.

The things that have driven me and continue to drive me are changing. I wonder now if what is happening around me is a direction I can participate in and go forward with. Everyone seems so concerned with short term fixes for everything. People are slamming our president for the ObamaCare and the job situation. Never minding that the previous president dug a deep hole for our economy and there really isn’t an effective way out of it unless we return to Clintonomics. Yes the economics of a budgetary surplus. William Jefferson Clinton as the last president to balance the American budget and produce a surplus that was ultimately the war mongers war chest. The surplus was spent and then the economy burped and we had no way to fix it quickly.

So we blame president Obama for trying to fix the things that were the result of poor planning for many years. Yes we need to work towards balancing the budget. Its time to raise taxes and do the right things. Its time to make sure everyone has healthcare in this country. It is time to remember what made America great in the first place. Let’s take care of those who cannot take care of or protect themselves.



The parents lament

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What does it all mean.

Counting the bricks on the highway of my life I’ve come to realize that there are now fewer bricks in front of me than are behind me. For some reason in the past couple of days that has really hit home. I suspect part of is the removal of constant interaction with younger minds at home that allows you to stop thinking about what lies ahead and instead focus on the now.

What of this world we leave to our children. Have we done them a service? Have we brought them into a place where they will be able to succeed? Billy Joel wrote a line once (one of many of his that are epic) “to get at least as far as their old man got.” A telling line of the desperation of change over time. I wonder if my kids will have a chance to be involved in a changing world around them as much as I have. Guilt is a horrible thing and I wonder if I have done my children a disservice by not preparing them for a tougher world than their parents faced.

It is the parents lament.


stumbling, bumbling rambling wreck

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I need a stylus for my iPad to take notes on it. So far I’ve tried a few of the devices out there, none of them are perfect for the way I work but I keep hoping. I have a really good stylus for my Samsung slate that is really effective at taking notes (it’s the Wacom slate/touch screen capacity). So far none of the iPad one’s are killer. But I keep hoping.

From a where do you want to be perspective I am looking forward to going to the beach again this summer. We are thinking a mid-july three day weekend in Williamsburg to do the whole beach, amusement park/historical weekend. I think it is going to be a lot of fun. Then the first week of August or so heading off to Indiana to see the remaining family etc.

Busy summer.

Missing the boys and Jackie more today than yesterday. Not sure why but I do. When the are here they tend towards annoying me more than anything. But they are really great kids overall.


Letting–go –

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I am not sure why after all these years customer service issues still caused me such angst. I bought something on Amazon (which has the best return policy) but it wasn’t sold by them simply through their affiliate network. In the end the vendor agreed to accept the item back but made a snotty comment in their email that sent me over the edge. it took all my years of not replying to that kind of crap to not reply. While I am replying here on my blog I am not mentioning vendors other than Amazon (and by the way Amazon has the best return policy period).

An open letter to vendors

Why do I buy things? well mostly because its something I want.  I don’t buy things because your business has a cool name or the product looks “neato” in the catalog or on the web page. I buy things I intend to use. When they arrive in a poorly put together fashion it frustrates me. I can put a kit together so that it doesn’t fit. I hope when I buy something that its put together in an effective way.

Rant off.

I find myself missing the kids. The bean called yesterday as she was on break and off site for a couple of hours. So she called (because we missed each other over the weekend – she left a voicemail). Hearing her voice made me realize how much I miss her. I suspect that is the hardest part of parenting  – letting go.


Round-up blog,,,,

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4.8 million steps.

1 year with a fitbit well 1 year in two days.

I will be a little closer to 4.9 million steps Wednesday which is the actual year anniversary. Dylan has contributed about 300,000 steps to that total already. He loves walking – it’s the highlight of his day which really makes it quite fun to go out with him.

I got a new fan for my office. I don’t know why my office is so hot, I suspect its all the hot air that sits behind my desk. The fan really helps though its making my office cooler already.

We went to see the movie “Looking for a friend for the end of the world” or something like that. It is an amazing movie. We walked out of the theatre simply amazed. It is a warm, funny, romantic movie that closes with one of the best scene’s I’ve seen to end a movie in a long time. It shows that you don’t need special effects to make a movie special and unique.

I got two emails yesterday on my “leave LeBron” alone blog. Both of them told me that they were frustrated with LeBron because of the show he did “the decision.” I replied to both of them with shame on you. As a kid I loved a number of sports and enjoyed watching the players from various teams (Ernie Banks, Walter Payton and anyone in an IU uniform). The scrutiny that modern athletes have to stand up to is incredible. Who care’s in the end where someone chooses to play. If LeBron had chosen to go to college people would have hated that as well, and frankly watch ESPN they have high school athlete’s with 5 baseball caps of 5 universities in front of them announcing where they will go to college.

Its about control and who has that control.  For far to many years the owners have controlled the reality of sports. But the owners simply back the teams financially, and some of them make quite a bit of money off their team (if you evaluate all revenue – many lose money on the actual team but make up that delta with all the other components). It is my belief that athlete’s have the right to play wherever they want. Personally I am a Peyton Manning fan – I am going to watch the Denver Bronco’s this year.

Let it go people. It only matters in sports bars and in the media. In the end we are driven by choices in our lives. Everyone leaves their old job for a new job if they offer more money – ore a greater chance at achieving your personal goals. Give it a rest. Leave the man alone. Let him bask in his glory for he deserves it.


Let go of the anti-LeBron thing…

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Interesting problem we have in our country. LeBron James made a personal decision that was a contractually legitimate decision any athlete is allowed to make, to take his talents to a place that he could complete his personal mission of winning a championship. Why is it in this country that we spend so much time and effort creating heroes out of people that are simply doing their job. LeBron James is a phenomenal basketball player and I enjoy watching him play. Like any other professional he deserves the right to go where he is going to be treated in the way he deserves as a human being. Does it matter if he is playing in Cleveland or Miami? No.

He has the right to play on and for the team that treats him the way he wants to be treated. As fans we have the right to root for our team but we shouldn’t root against someone just because they choose a better life. We all do that – loyalty has to be to your family first and then your employer. Sure there are people whose loyalty (Military, Firemen and Firewoman and the Police are examples) exceeds that at times. They are willing to give their lives for what is right.

But like someone who works on the line at ford. Or someone who design computer systems for companies or even a Doctor they all have the right as do professional athletes to choose to play for the team that pays them what they can get from the market. I am happy to see that LeBron won a championship. He is a fantastic basketball player and deserves all the awards he receives. I hope those around him who are close tell him that it doesn’t matter what a few fanatics say. (Fan sometimes being short for fanatic – and frankly it’s a good fit for some people).

Personally I root for the Indianapolis Colts for many years. I am a Bears fan at heart (and by birth) but I enjoyed watching the Colts play. My father always said you should root for the local team. I can’t root for the Colts anymore however because I feel like while the did the right short term thing with Payton Manning they didn’t do the right thing. So while I would normally be a Redskins fan by the local team rule, I am going to be rooting for the Bears, then the Denver Broncos. Which should shock my friend Wayne completely.

Congratulations LeBron – you played an amazing game and an amazing playoffs.

Good luck next year.


To find the last cricket in America…

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“Oh I do not understand”

said the cricket

as he bounded to the table in a single

prodigious leap

clearing the spoon

and the saucer

to land neatly

on his feet.

perhaps more impressive

if said in mid leap



still the leap was impressive

“why” I asked

tipping the coffee cup to drain

the last drop

washing the dry morning from

my mouth

“It does not compute”

the cricket replied in his best Spock voice

robotic and unemotional

what could I say?

Or for that moment do?

I brushed the cricket aside with my arm

his tiny ideas flying off the table

flailing on their way to the ground below.

“It was not a computational problem.” I said

and all faded to black…


From the desk of Sandler Boggs

Kid Free since 1983

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I am thinking about moving my mac upstairs to Barb’s office for her to use. It would seem to me to be a better machine since it does both MacOS and Windows for her to use. I may get one of the new retina display macs.

Its been a long week – with a couple more long days yet to come to finish up the proposal but its really good to feel useful.

My father’s day gift this year was a reversible whiteboard. When I connect my ebeam system to it, I now have an interactive basement, if only the basement wasn’t so messy that I couldn’t in fact move around it would be perfect. I suspect its my fault that the basement is a pigsty, but still someone needs to clean it.

The boys are off to summer camp on Saturday. For the first time in 19 years we (barb and I) will have the whole house to ourselves. Not since the summer we lived in Fairfield Ohio (and becca went over to her dad’s) have we had the entire house to ourselves. Not sure what we are going to do but there has to be something fun we can come up with!!!!

Soon it won’t be for a week that the house is empty. Soon it will be empty. I wonder how we will deal with that?



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I watched the movie J. Edgar last night. Well I watched the second half, I couldn’t finish it the night before so I stretched it over two nights. Dylan and I hung out and watched the movie. His impression of the movie was that overall the dogs (only shown in the final scene and mentioned in one other) should have been featured more in the movie. He is a bit of a snob about that kind of stuff.

Overall I liked the movie. Hoover was a moment of history from my childhood and it was nice to put all the piece together. The movie didn’t dive deeply into his sexuality which I was afraid it was going to do. Instead it focused on a man who believed in his heart of hearts that he was doing the right thing for the country he loved. In the end the film showed the gray lines that he frequently crossed and alluded to his personal papers which have long been a Washington myth.

An update on my previous review of the Logitech keyboard for the ipad (which is eerily similar to the new keyboard included with the surface computer from Microsoft). I had to charge it for the first time today. Well I left it on all day yesterday, and really need it to take notes today so I charged it. It wasn’t horribly discharged as it was fully charged in about 10 minutes. It is a great device for making my iPad even more useful.

time to get rolling.