Weekend Update (no Chevy Chase, sorry).




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Barb had a great idea to help the dogs adjust. We sat the living room together (all of us) and of course Fran got on the couch as she is wont to do. She lunged at Dylan once (and I have a nice bruise on my hand to show for that). But then she calmed down. She is still nervous about him being behind her (but she is an old lady and her leg hurts so I can’t blame her for that).

I took both of them for a walk yesterday. Dylan went a little over 5 miles. At first he was tugging the leash but he settled down. We did have to stop three times so he could talk to the boys that were doing various boys things alongside the road. He has adopted Luke and Nick as his pets, much as Fran did 11 years ago with Jackie.

Fran hurt her leg while we were walking. She was so proud to be on a walk with me that she didn’t let me know or I didn’t catch that her leg was hurting. So she limped home the last 1/2 mile. I felt so guilty but she didn’t want to “not” walk with me. I felt guilty all night. She of course, didn’t seem to be impacted overall, just limped a little more than usual.

By the middle of the day the two were getting along (Fran and Dylan). Dylan tends to put a little distance between him and the grouchy old lady but overall they are getting along..


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