The National Mall

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IMGP0133 First as a point of clarification I thought the Washington Monument was vertical? Second as a further point of clarification (one that my mother and wife insistent I post on-line frequently is I got my sense of humor or lack thereof from my father). My wife and my mother both wish it known that they did not, do not or willingly participate in the development, support or propagation of my humor.

We went to the Mall of America yesterday, in particular to see the Washington Monument and the Air and Space museum. We really had a great time. The girl scouts of America were also there having a special event (Rock the Mall). The mall was crowded with people but not horribly bad. It’s a simple 30 minute trip from GB to downtown DC. You simply drive to Rockville, hop on the redline and away you go.

We really enjoyed the trip on the subway and walking around the national mall. I had forgotten how much fun the air and space museum can be. I hadn’t been there since I was last in DC over a weekend – almost ten years ago.

I will be posting a couple of new podcasts next week – I have some thought son a new concept that I find interesting, I suspect I am the only one with that feeling, but you can always ignore this blog and my podcasts.


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