Father’s day recap!




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Rainy days and Mondays always get me down. What about Monday’s that are rainy? Actually working a long week this week, but for some reason I am actually looking forward to it.

Rain on the other hand I do mind a bit. I have an umbrella in my bag but I forget it is there so I end up walking to the car in the rain and then remembering that I have the freaking umbrella.

My dad used to sing the song “Rain Rain go away come again some other day.” while I love the though the reality I’ve learned is that pushing off the bad stuff often results in the bad stuff catching up on the wrong day. So for now, I can live with rain and Monday.

Father’s day was relaxing the boys and I (with the D) took a nice walk around the neighborhood. D found a couple of rabbits so of course he was pulling for part of the walk (say 1/3 of the time). I suspect that obedience training will take care of that.

The bean called yesterday and wished me a happy father’s day and I collected hugs from both boys (one at home, one in public). We ended up going out to the Star Diner here in the Kentland’s for the father’s day lunch. The food was not as good as it was the last time we went, and the service was average, but I had fun on father’s day with my family. All in all a good father’s day.


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