Let go of the anti-LeBron thing…




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Interesting problem we have in our country. LeBron James made a personal decision that was a contractually legitimate decision any athlete is allowed to make, to take his talents to a place that he could complete his personal mission of winning a championship. Why is it in this country that we spend so much time and effort creating heroes out of people that are simply doing their job. LeBron James is a phenomenal basketball player and I enjoy watching him play. Like any other professional he deserves the right to go where he is going to be treated in the way he deserves as a human being. Does it matter if he is playing in Cleveland or Miami? No.

He has the right to play on and for the team that treats him the way he wants to be treated. As fans we have the right to root for our team but we shouldn’t root against someone just because they choose a better life. We all do that – loyalty has to be to your family first and then your employer. Sure there are people whose loyalty (Military, Firemen and Firewoman and the Police are examples) exceeds that at times. They are willing to give their lives for what is right.

But like someone who works on the line at ford. Or someone who design computer systems for companies or even a Doctor they all have the right as do professional athletes to choose to play for the team that pays them what they can get from the market. I am happy to see that LeBron won a championship. He is a fantastic basketball player and deserves all the awards he receives. I hope those around him who are close tell him that it doesn’t matter what a few fanatics say. (Fan sometimes being short for fanatic – and frankly it’s a good fit for some people).

Personally I root for the Indianapolis Colts for many years. I am a Bears fan at heart (and by birth) but I enjoyed watching the Colts play. My father always said you should root for the local team. I can’t root for the Colts anymore however because I feel like while the did the right short term thing with Payton Manning they didn’t do the right thing. So while I would normally be a Redskins fan by the local team rule, I am going to be rooting for the Bears, then the Denver Broncos. Which should shock my friend Wayne completely.

Congratulations LeBron – you played an amazing game and an amazing playoffs.

Good luck next year.


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