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4.8 million steps.

1 year with a fitbit well 1 year in two days.

I will be a little closer to 4.9 million steps Wednesday which is the actual year anniversary. Dylan has contributed about 300,000 steps to that total already. He loves walking – it’s the highlight of his day which really makes it quite fun to go out with him.

I got a new fan for my office. I don’t know why my office is so hot, I suspect its all the hot air that sits behind my desk. The fan really helps though its making my office cooler already.

We went to see the movie “Looking for a friend for the end of the world” or something like that. It is an amazing movie. We walked out of the theatre simply amazed. It is a warm, funny, romantic movie that closes with one of the best scene’s I’ve seen to end a movie in a long time. It shows that you don’t need special effects to make a movie special and unique.

I got two emails yesterday on my “leave LeBron” alone blog. Both of them told me that they were frustrated with LeBron because of the show he did “the decision.” I replied to both of them with shame on you. As a kid I loved a number of sports and enjoyed watching the players from various teams (Ernie Banks, Walter Payton and anyone in an IU uniform). The scrutiny that modern athletes have to stand up to is incredible. Who care’s in the end where someone chooses to play. If LeBron had chosen to go to college people would have hated that as well, and frankly watch ESPN they have high school athlete’s with 5 baseball caps of 5 universities in front of them announcing where they will go to college.

Its about control and who has that control.  For far to many years the owners have controlled the reality of sports. But the owners simply back the teams financially, and some of them make quite a bit of money off their team (if you evaluate all revenue – many lose money on the actual team but make up that delta with all the other components). It is my belief that athlete’s have the right to play wherever they want. Personally I am a Peyton Manning fan – I am going to watch the Denver Bronco’s this year.

Let it go people. It only matters in sports bars and in the media. In the end we are driven by choices in our lives. Everyone leaves their old job for a new job if they offer more money – ore a greater chance at achieving your personal goals. Give it a rest. Leave the man alone. Let him bask in his glory for he deserves it.


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