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I am not sure why after all these years customer service issues still caused me such angst. I bought something on Amazon (which has the best return policy) but it wasn’t sold by them simply through their affiliate network. In the end the vendor agreed to accept the item back but made a snotty comment in their email that sent me over the edge. it took all my years of not replying to that kind of crap to not reply. While I am replying here on my blog I am not mentioning vendors other than Amazon (and by the way Amazon has the best return policy period).

An open letter to vendors

Why do I buy things? well mostly because its something I want.  I don’t buy things because your business has a cool name or the product looks “neato” in the catalog or on the web page. I buy things I intend to use. When they arrive in a poorly put together fashion it frustrates me. I can put a kit together so that it doesn’t fit. I hope when I buy something that its put together in an effective way.

Rant off.

I find myself missing the kids. The bean called yesterday as she was on break and off site for a couple of hours. So she called (because we missed each other over the weekend – she left a voicemail). Hearing her voice made me realize how much I miss her. I suspect that is the hardest part of parenting  – letting go.


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