The parents lament

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What does it all mean.

Counting the bricks on the highway of my life I’ve come to realize that there are now fewer bricks in front of me than are behind me. For some reason in the past couple of days that has really hit home. I suspect part of is the removal of constant interaction with younger minds at home that allows you to stop thinking about what lies ahead and instead focus on the now.

What of this world we leave to our children. Have we done them a service? Have we brought them into a place where they will be able to succeed? Billy Joel wrote a line once (one of many of his that are epic) “to get at least as far as their old man got.” A telling line of the desperation of change over time. I wonder if my kids will have a chance to be involved in a changing world around them as much as I have. Guilt is a horrible thing and I wonder if I have done my children a disservice by not preparing them for a tougher world than their parents faced.

It is the parents lament.


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