No power, no luxury
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No power. Last night the boys got back from work camp around 10:30 pm. We were waiting in the parking lot of the church and saw two red foxes running very quickly in front of our car (in the parking lot). I wondered why they were moving so quickly, Dylan of course just felt they were dinner.

The bus got there and I got out, Barb waited with Fran and Dylan in the car. As I got to the bus (about 24 feet) the wind started to pick up. By pick up it went from a 10 mph wind to a 40 mph wind quickly. It picked up the dust fro the construction site and within 30 seconds we couldn’t see. Literally we could not see from the bus to the car. We hurried to get the boys gear into the car and by the time we all got into the car the boys and I actually got a little wet. Then the sky opened up as we turned the corner out of the church I couldn’t even see far enough to drive more than 10 miles per hour. The rain actually came down in massive sheets you could see. Barb said “it took us 10 minutes to get to church and a half hour to get home.” We crept along for a full half hour. As we drove up the hill on 355 you could see the power go out as if the power was a wave flowing towards us. The power has been out since then.

Such a night. But frankly, having the boys home is worth no power anytime.


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