Another Shameless review–2 android tablets…
My Amazon author page!!!!

I am playing with two android tablet’s right now. The Samsung galaxy 7 and the Nexus 7. They are both really well made and fit easily into your hand. So far battery life is comparable to my iPad but the applications are a little less intuitive. The Nexus 7 has a solid feel to it but with only 16 gigs of RAM I suspect it will be my kids tablet pretty quick. They have my old iPad now and use it frequently although they tend to use the Sony Vita more than the iPad.

What’s good (both):

  • weight is nice
  • Screens are both impressive
  • Apps that are in common have a great look and feel
  • integration with the Amazon cloud drive is fantastic – I had music running off my cloud drive in less than 3 minutes
  • Integration with Google and all the offerings they have is slick – much easier to use than iCloud.

What’s good Nexus 7:

  • I love the Google apps button – really nice way to quickly get to your online Google applications
  • Google play is a nice touch
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS (why do android OS names seem to make me hungry
  • Micro (or is it mini) USB standard connection for changing and connecting to PC
  • Mounts as a drive easily on any Windows PC – will try the mac over the weekend.

Bad Nexus 7

  • no memory expansion (Sad smile)
  • No rear camera

What is good Samsung Galaxy 7:

  • Universal remote (and by the way all Samsung devices built into the universal remote amazing)
  • cool screen saver
  • preloads a number of applications
  • comes preloaded with ICE Cream sandwich (Android 4)
  • Has a Micro-SD slot so memory expansion is possible (I am trying 32 gigs now, will try 64 next week)
  • Front and rear camera
  • Built in screen capture application (that is truly useful)

What is bad Samsung:

  • Norton is pre-installed and really hard to uninstall
  • Has Ice Cream sandwich not Jelly bean so you have to upgrade to stay current

These devices have come a long way. I had an Android phone for awhile but it just isn’t at the phone level of the Iphone today. These tablets are close to the functionality of my iPad and do offer interesting alternative views of what is possible. Most of the gestures are effective and the camera’s are solid. Holding a tablet up to take pictures still feels strange, but the inward facing camera is nice for video chats.


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