First day in Dallas…in a long time.
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First trip this year – in Dallas. Of course what one essential thing from my years of travel experience did I forget? 3A batteries for the keyboard. That of course means hotel gift store and frankly paying through the nose. Oh well. At least there is a Starbucks around the corner. Life is good.  Still after 15 years of constant international travel you would think that wouldn’t be an issue. Maybe not traveling for 10 months other than a family vacation or two reduces or even kills your travelers instincts.

When I landed in Dallas last night it was 8 pm, the sun was setting and it was 105 degrees. There is no way that is anything but hot (dry or wet its just hot heat) of course global warming is just a plot by scientists to make money.

I ate dinner at IAD last night. I’ve forgotten how awful the food is at IAD. I am not sure why I keep forgetting that. So a list of the airports that have good food:

  • Schiphol (Amsterdam and its probably spelled wrong)
  • Narita Tokyo (also spelling)
  • Minneapolis MN
  • Chicago O’Hare
  • Denver CO

Ease of access at airports is another pain. Smaller regionals like Indianapolis or Louisville are always easier to get in and out of then O’Hare or Dulles are. Anyway time to get rolling.


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