That is hot.
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There are times you just have to say out loud, wow. Yesterday afternoon I noticed that in the pool area of the hotel the wind was blowing. I figured with the wind blowing it would be a little cooler outdoors so I walked outside. I have or at least I don’t recall ever walking into a wind that actually made me hotter. Normally the brisk wind blows in and you are at least cooled a little. This wind actually was warmer than the standing air around me.

It was 114 degrees yesterday. That is hot.

I spoke for 2 hours yesterday – lots of great questions and interesting comments. But at the end of the talking – I was reminded of the down side of teaching. My voice actually hurt. I ended up drinking a ton of water and then relaxed before bed with hot tea. I actually feel ok today – which is good I have another two hours of talking today.

My dad was able to talk almost every day for hours at a time for more than 30 years. I guess I didn’t inherent his windpipes. I can’t do that anymore.

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