More on active words…
My Amazon author page!!!!

Interestingly I have one computer (work) that does not have active words on it. I noticed that yesterday as I was working on a document and the system didn’t auto correct my spelling errors. In many cases as long as you are “in the word” ballpark AW will catch your misspellings and correct them on the fly. I didn’t realize just how much of an impact that feature had until I was typing along yesterday and looked at the red lines under all the words.

I suspect I could become a better speller although at this point I doubt that. AW remains an effective tool for improving those skills without actually having to have those skills. I do also like the new icon and the spelling ribbon that it creates. As I type the words appear above in the AW window blue against a white background, large enough that I can easily see them.

Now I have to figure out how to get AW on my work laptop without violating the internal application security policies.

The other value that I didn’t mention in my review earlier this week is of course the prompting. AW watches how you use your computer and then prompts you to create quick commands that you can use/leverage to reduce the number of keystrokes required to solve a specific problem or in my case launch specific tools while working or specific web sites I often hit to research cloud news.

I am addicted to AW!


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