Internet funding and what may yet be…
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Yesterday the boys, Dylan and I went for a walk. Its becoming a habit and frankly I have to say I enjoy the process. My mother used to say that with each passing milestone your kids got to be more fun (well that’s not exactly what she said but as she often says “its my memory.”). Loosely she said that watching and participating in your children growing up ends up being quite fun.

I have a new gambling habit. It’s less about giving money to a casino, more about betting on technology futures. The web funding organization Kickstarter has a growing number of projects that I find interesting. So you bet on the reality of what the projects are doing by agreeing to fund them to a certain level. If it doesn’t work out, you lose your money. But if it does work out you get in on the ground floor of exciting new technologies. The Pebble Watch is a great example of what this can actually do They raised ten times the amount of money they were shooting for in roughly 1/4 the time.

The concept of crowdsourcing carried to funding. Its intriguing and the projects are interesting views of what may yet be so in the end its not really gambling, its more hedging the future.


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