Saturday Wrap-Up
My Amazon author page!!!!

I had to do it. My personal addiction to certain Xbox football games forced me to purchase a 4th Xbox for the house. We have one in the basement and one in the living room that the two boys camp out on. Jackie has one in her room so I added one to my bedroom. I turned in all my Amazon credits and in the end it didn’t cost anything (less than 100 bucks) so it was a deal. With Hulu, Netflix and Amazon instant video’s on Xbox and Dish having Blockbuster we can watch virtually anything at any time. Very nice!

Overall however we are reducing technology virtually daily. Next week hopefully I will pull the last two servers out of the basement and that will be it. I will have one laptop that will be my personal cloud lab. Past that I won’t have servers anymore. I still have a couple of laptops that I use for various things (one for video editing, one for picture editing and one for writing my blogs and writing in general). It is a huge reduction in computers for me (from a high of 16 to a new low of 15 but along the way to 15 more people have their own computers so in fairness I am down from 14 personal computers to 8 personal computers. Jackie and Barb both have more than one computer and the boys have 1 each).

I’ve been playing with the Elgato video stuff – very nice solution for capturing video from my Dish and for capturing from the Xbox.  Overall the products are very impressive.

After not traveling for 7 months this year I have my second (day trip) back to Indiana next week. I am flying in to do a talk and then flying back out that evening.


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