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Yesterday was an awesome day. We drove over near Baltimore and hiked in a state park. Dylan loved the combined day of RIDE RIDE RIDE followed by WALK WALK WALK and of course a sandwich he got with his new favorite food (BACON). We ended up walking about 5 miles including a wonderful trip through the salt flats that are a part of the trail. Overall – a great day. Took a long time to get there you almost arrive in Baltimore before you turn North towards Upper Marlboro Maryland.

Today I am upgrading the two house macs. Later on this year I will have to upgrade a bunch of computers to windows 8 but overall I have to say the Apple model is so easy to use and ultimately work with. Buy once and upgrade away. Plus the apple hardware is put together like a BMW – well built and solid (its what I love about Mini-coopers well built and solid, plus a heck of a lot of fun to drive)

I need to pull pictures from our last two family events onto the network and eventually post just haven’t had the time. Too many things going on right now for me to be able to get things done.

Next week I am as I said yesterday traveling again for one day. Flying to Indy to speak at Purdue and then flying home. Seems strange after all those years (twice) in Indiana to again call somewhere else home. I lived in Indiana from 1966 to 71, 72 to 91 and then finally from 1999 to 2011. When you think about how many different places you live in your life it really starts to add up. I’ve now live in four cities with my still blushing bride. We’ve lived in Bloomington, Cincinnati (really two cities there but I won’t count suburbs), Greenwood and finally Gaithersburg. Before marriage stuck (my first one kind of unraveled for a lot of reasons so I always say it didn’t stick).s I also lived in Bangkok Thailand, Bloomington and my personal favorite city Chicago.

Time changes everything.


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