weekend wrap-up starring Dylan…

My Amazon author page!!!!

Dylan and I went for a walk in the rain yesterday. He had a blast – I was exhausted. It was cooler so we ended up going 7+ miles. I hadn’t walked 7+ miles in two months and you could tell. When we got home he still had energy and I was, well exhausted except I had to make dinner so I kept going. I ended up falling asleep at 9 pm. I guess there is something good out of everything.

Lots to do this week. I need to upload the last two picture events that are on the camera’s. The disadvantage of having larger memory cards is that I don’t upload the pictures as often as I used to. I also need to get back to scanning – I still have several hundred slides to scan into the computer so that they aren’t lost forever.  Once that project is done I should also probably scan in some of the pictures we have in the giant tub that sits in my office annex.

I couldn’t get the nook color to connect to the new network. I found a bunch of posts online where people talked about the various frustrations so I suspect I am going to have to muck with it for a bit. Every other device is now connected and operating at peak efficiency and the FIOs connections is humming along as if there was no load at all.

Over the weekend I got everything ready for my trip to Indy. I am wondering now, however if I will actually use my nook/kindle or if I will just take my iPad and an extra battery or two (charging devices). That becomes the conundrum of having the iPad it can replace so many different devices that in the end you want what you actually need beyond the iPad. Perhaps someday I won’t even need the laptop.


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