Jury Duty…

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Finding a place in the sun. Does it in the end matter? You search for your place your entire life and sometimes you don’t even realize that you are standing in your place all the time.

My head hurts.

Not a headache just from thinking about things. I am not sure why every once in awhile my brain takes a sabbatical and I am treated to bizarre and wild thought rides. Maybe I need to ride more roller coasters so my brain doesn’t feel like it seems to do that. After all these years I still am not prepared when the bizarre things my brain thinks about pop into my head.

Yesterday after working all am, I checked into the Montgomery Country web site to find, that sadly I’ve been selected for Jury Duty. I have been a registered voter (and have voted in every election and have paid taxes every year since 1975) and I have never been called for Jury Duty. I suspect they will take one look at me and send me home, but still it was a fingers crossed please don’t call me thing that didn’t pan out for me.

I will finally experience the real work of a jury.

I suspect the county of Montgomery and the State of Maryland will regret that in the end. As of today I advocate life in prison for jaywalkers!!


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