Are there 1000 words that explain your life?
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I watched (well we watched) the Eddie Murphy movie 1000 words last night.  The message that I woke up with from that movie this morning is that words have only the value that is attributed to them by the receiver.

That is a message I have heard in a number of ways over the years with my favorite version being “people are motivated by their needs.” It is a sad but true reality that people are motivated by the needs in front of them. But then again it is only fair that you are motivated by the things that impact you as a person. For example while I blog everyday I do forget to spell check every time I post and therefore some of my posts have misspellings. I would love to say that will never happen again, but spelling is really far down on Scott’s things that need to be done list.

The words you have ripple around you.

A paraphrase of another line from the movie. But if you watch words and watch what you say in fact you begin to realize that there is a rippling effect to the words you choose and the direction they head.

Your words have value and carry weight.

Now what would I do if I could only type 1000 more words in my blog? Which words would I choose to convey the meaning of my life? Are there 1000 words that cover my life?

It is my new quest, are there 1000 words that can cover a human beings life?


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