The blessings of summer
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As August winds to a close I am thinking about my favorite summers of the past. I have had the fortune to have a number of wonderful summer experiences so the list is long. I cut it down to my top ten by year.


1975 – I finished drivers education and spent the rest of the summer painted my grandparents cottages in Wisconsin. It was the best summer I had bar none.

1969 – Neil Armstrong landing and preparing to go into 2nd grade. I still loved school – plus I got to spend a week at my grandparents house by the lake.

2011 – moving to Maryland – driving across the country with my family and getting to spend extra time at home after all those years on the road was a blessing and remains a blessing for me. The bean graduated from High School which was huge!

1991 – Marrying Barbara that Summer and then moving to Cincinnati Ohio to start our life together.

1979 – graduating high school and ready to head off to college!

1996 – the year I joined Microsoft. It was fun in the beginning. My Grandfather also spent a week with us in Cincinnati Ohio which was a huge highlight.

1998 – the first summer owning a pool. Who knew what a pain that would become – but awesome none the less.

2001 – first summer hitting lake Lemon on the boat

1999 – the first summer the boys slept through the night (it was nice after a year to actually sleep again)

1972 – Thailand – a set of memories that I will hopefully never lose.

I’ve had many more summer experiences that were contributors to who I am but these are the big ones for me. There were a few summers that were downers (the year after my grandfather died. The year after my divorce). Overall I’ve enjoyed summers in my life – I personally prefer Fall (Football and crisp air) and winter (Christmas and Snow) to Summer but I’ve always had fun!

To everyone who contributed to those 10 years above – thank  you. you have all been blessings in my life.





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