short and sweet
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To relax.

Perchance to dream. After getting home a little after 1 am Wednesday night I remembered the one thing I hate about travel, no matter where you go if you fly you are bound to the airlines schedule, not yours. It isn’t something to think until it hits you. Then you realize that you are stuck and they have you.

Anyway. Fun to go to Purdue. Fun to talk to students and professors about what they are doing.

Really fun to see my folks for lunch.

Lots to do today.


Just about 8 hours short of a full night’s sleep
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When did college students get so young?

Two rhetorical questions (but I know emails are coming)

  • Why does my GPS system not always update for current real road conditions (see “ROAD CONSTRUCTION”?
  • Why does paperless mean printing as I leave and printing a receipt?

Spent the day in Indiana yesterday. It was an interesting day. I got to talk to a bunch of college students, professors and researchers and frankly that is always fun. It was particularly interesting yesterday in that I found they had some really intriguing ideas on ways to solve some of the problems the cloud world is facing. I learned quite a bit.

Dylan didn’t even talk to me this morning – he glared at me from the top of the stairs saying “you don’t come home on time, you don’t get any love.” That is the lab way, Fran does that to Jackie all the time.

Lot’s to do today and I didn’t land until 1 am so I am dragging. I suspect it will be a 12 cup of coffee day.

I will go to bed early tonight. I know you can’t catch up on sleep but at least I can be a little closer.


Really early blog today–traveling
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Back home again, in Indiana. Well at least I will be in about 5 hours. Per my mother correcting my earlier post I lived in Indiana from 1964 not 1966 as I posted before. Although contrary to what everyone thinks living in Indiana all those years I still consider Chicago my home town. My family is in Indiana – my heart remains in Chicago. Go Bears!

Lest I be accused of driving the redundancy bus (which by the way goes over the same route day after day) I want to put in another plug for Active Words. Http:// if you are not using it then maybe this little “reviewlet” will give you a good reason to… I am the world’s worst speller (ok that is an exaggeration – in my house my I am the worst speller. I am also the worst speller in my parents house. The rules of spelling in the English language flow away form me like water.) Active Words as I mentioned in my review has this awesome feature where it actually checks your spelling on the fly. Which if it is one of the 5000 common errors it knows about it will fix it on the fly without you having to correct it. Since I am such a horrible speller I actually make more than the 5000 common errors but it has already sped up my typing my 20% since I started using the product now more than 4 or 5 years ago. The new 2.0 version maintains one of my favorite features of the 1.0 version which is one of the greatest things about Apple as well – buy software once and deploy it on every computer you own, legally. If there was a star rating system (which I used to use many years ago with my Savvy Tech Guy reviews) I would give AW 10 stars out of a possible 5. It is that good!

The realtor in the shopping area of the Kentlands puts out a dog water bowl. Dylan is a huge fan of the place now as we frequent that water bowl on warmer days. He loves stopping for a little sip or in his case 1/2 a bowl of water.

Anyway got to get rolling, have to shower and then head off to Dulles. At this hour traffic won’t be bad but you never know in the DC area. Sometimes no traffic = time to put out orange barrels.


At the edge of infinity by the old mill stream where we once fished for whales and talked about
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what it would be and what it would become…

There on the doorstep of crazy

by the childproof lock

and the fence

don’t forget the fence

wrought plastic

molded to fix exactly one door length apart

and block those who would climb? or cross…

We stand there, with

sacks of anticipation

wondering why

we are standing there

childproofed into a stupor

we mouth silent words

that mean little

and making no sound escape

past the childproof gate



as words sometimes do

back to look at us

as they fly away

bound for the infinite

while we

lost in the stupor

that is childproofed infinity


waiting for time to change.


weekend wrap-up starring Dylan…
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Dylan and I went for a walk in the rain yesterday. He had a blast – I was exhausted. It was cooler so we ended up going 7+ miles. I hadn’t walked 7+ miles in two months and you could tell. When we got home he still had energy and I was, well exhausted except I had to make dinner so I kept going. I ended up falling asleep at 9 pm. I guess there is something good out of everything.

Lots to do this week. I need to upload the last two picture events that are on the camera’s. The disadvantage of having larger memory cards is that I don’t upload the pictures as often as I used to. I also need to get back to scanning – I still have several hundred slides to scan into the computer so that they aren’t lost forever.  Once that project is done I should also probably scan in some of the pictures we have in the giant tub that sits in my office annex.

I couldn’t get the nook color to connect to the new network. I found a bunch of posts online where people talked about the various frustrations so I suspect I am going to have to muck with it for a bit. Every other device is now connected and operating at peak efficiency and the FIOs connections is humming along as if there was no load at all.

Over the weekend I got everything ready for my trip to Indy. I am wondering now, however if I will actually use my nook/kindle or if I will just take my iPad and an extra battery or two (charging devices). That becomes the conundrum of having the iPad it can replace so many different devices that in the end you want what you actually need beyond the iPad. Perhaps someday I won’t even need the laptop.


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Yesterday was an awesome day. We drove over near Baltimore and hiked in a state park. Dylan loved the combined day of RIDE RIDE RIDE followed by WALK WALK WALK and of course a sandwich he got with his new favorite food (BACON). We ended up walking about 5 miles including a wonderful trip through the salt flats that are a part of the trail. Overall – a great day. Took a long time to get there you almost arrive in Baltimore before you turn North towards Upper Marlboro Maryland.

Today I am upgrading the two house macs. Later on this year I will have to upgrade a bunch of computers to windows 8 but overall I have to say the Apple model is so easy to use and ultimately work with. Buy once and upgrade away. Plus the apple hardware is put together like a BMW – well built and solid (its what I love about Mini-coopers well built and solid, plus a heck of a lot of fun to drive)

I need to pull pictures from our last two family events onto the network and eventually post just haven’t had the time. Too many things going on right now for me to be able to get things done.

Next week I am as I said yesterday traveling again for one day. Flying to Indy to speak at Purdue and then flying home. Seems strange after all those years (twice) in Indiana to again call somewhere else home. I lived in Indiana from 1966 to 71, 72 to 91 and then finally from 1999 to 2011. When you think about how many different places you live in your life it really starts to add up. I’ve now live in four cities with my still blushing bride. We’ve lived in Bloomington, Cincinnati (really two cities there but I won’t count suburbs), Greenwood and finally Gaithersburg. Before marriage stuck (my first one kind of unraveled for a lot of reasons so I always say it didn’t stick).s I also lived in Bangkok Thailand, Bloomington and my personal favorite city Chicago.

Time changes everything.


Saturday Wrap-Up
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I had to do it. My personal addiction to certain Xbox football games forced me to purchase a 4th Xbox for the house. We have one in the basement and one in the living room that the two boys camp out on. Jackie has one in her room so I added one to my bedroom. I turned in all my Amazon credits and in the end it didn’t cost anything (less than 100 bucks) so it was a deal. With Hulu, Netflix and Amazon instant video’s on Xbox and Dish having Blockbuster we can watch virtually anything at any time. Very nice!

Overall however we are reducing technology virtually daily. Next week hopefully I will pull the last two servers out of the basement and that will be it. I will have one laptop that will be my personal cloud lab. Past that I won’t have servers anymore. I still have a couple of laptops that I use for various things (one for video editing, one for picture editing and one for writing my blogs and writing in general). It is a huge reduction in computers for me (from a high of 16 to a new low of 15 but along the way to 15 more people have their own computers so in fairness I am down from 14 personal computers to 8 personal computers. Jackie and Barb both have more than one computer and the boys have 1 each).

I’ve been playing with the Elgato video stuff – very nice solution for capturing video from my Dish and for capturing from the Xbox.  Overall the products are very impressive.

After not traveling for 7 months this year I have my second (day trip) back to Indiana next week. I am flying in to do a talk and then flying back out that evening.