The Kindle Fire HD!!!!
My Amazon author page!!!!

I had to do it yesterday. It popped into my inbox and said buy me. Pre-order me Seymour. I know that I don’t need one. In fact at this point our house has 5 of them.

  • The thing is, I am a huge customer.
  • I have Amazon prime.
  • I have an Amazon cloud drive.
  • I suspect I am their target market. And I needed a Christmas present for myself.

So I ordered the new Amazon Kindle HD 8.9 inch device. The add looks fantastic. The features are the ones I’ve been hoping for since I got my original kindle fire. It gives me a media tablet that will surpass the other’s I have (except the iPad). Most importantly it lets me focus my iPad on work stuff so that I have more battery life for that.

Plus it just looked freaking cool.

Oh and I have a lot of friends who work at Amazon so it’s a good company to support.

On my other blog I talked about usability yesterday and messages that resonate today. The Kindle is a product that resonates with me. I’ve had one since the original Kindle shipped some 6 years ago. I’ve ended up buying Kindle’s for everyone in my family because we are trying to reduce the stuff in our house. Getting rid of books is a quick way to do that (although funny for a writer to say he is getting rid of books).

I will post a review later once the item actually arrives.


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