Rolling Wednesday Blog
My Amazon author page!!!!

Recent uptick in sales both for the Syncverse and Transitional Services, why I do not know. Cool though.

I have decided effective yesterday that I will not post rude, threatening or personal attacks as comments on my blog any longer. So if you post one I will send you an email and ask you to rewrite it as an attack on the idea’s expressed in my blog. For the one personal attack I made noting that the demeanor of Mitt Romney reminded me of a few bosses I didn’t like over the years, I apologize. That was uncalled for and not a nice way to handle what I wanted to say.

So, if you get an email from me about a comment, feel free to repost your thoughts about my ideas. I welcome any and all conversations. I signed a loyalty oath to this country when I joined the Monroe County Community School System. I stand by that oath.

Went for a walk to clear my head yesterday. I have to say it was refreshing. Dylan and I both got wet although not as wet as the two boys did. In their words “we started walking home and a deluge came down.” “We had to take shelter.” Luke said. I can’t help thinking that somehow the two of them read to much Smile.

Anyway, long day ahead. Time to get rolling!


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