Random Thoughts…

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Ok random thought day. I had a bunch yesterday afternoon while veg’ing and watching football. So, I am going to share a bunch of them…

Random Thoughts:

  • Do Flying Fish have enough frequent flyer miles that they always fly first class?
  • Why do letters still excite me?
  • Why do updates for computers come in bunches. They are built one at a time. But they all seem to roll out en masse
  • How did the iPhone get bigger and smaller? Feels bigger in my hand.
  • Why do two different blood pressure machines give you two vastly different results?
  • Why can’t you drop hard drives, they are hard after all.
  • Why does a splitter split and an enhancer enhance without working together?
  • What’s better, a bigger screen or more movies to watch?
  • When does fall actually arrive? When we say so or when the weather says so?
  • Yesterday was fantastically beautiful and I got to go on a walk with my girl Smile
  • Why would you name a pond Tranquility? Would you be afraid NASA would target it for a future landing of a spaceship or exploratory craft?
  • What does Tranquility really mean, is it a peaceful acceptance of the world around you or simply the ability to hide everything beneath the surface?

The end of my random thoughts today…


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