3 days journey with an iPhone 5

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3 days with the new iPhone – wow!

I am a huge phone junkie. Moving from phone to phone, painful. It will take me a week or so to get my apps back the way I like them on the new iPhone (I don’t like restoring so I am costing myself time not Apple).

Five things I love:

  • Battery life is better
  • I loved T-Mobile – but frankly their service on the East coast is horrible. I had LTE yesterday all day and even using my phone for over 2 hours of talking throughout the day – I still had more than 60% of a charge left.
  • The screen is fantastic
  • It just looks cool when you pull it out of your pocket
  • Call clarity and call volume so far are excellent

What don’t I like?

  • The lightening connector. I suspect Apple knew it, but I don’t like the connector. Sure its easy to insert and charge but when you switch connector types YOU HAVE TO FLOOD THE MARKET WITH THE CONNECTOR. Find a lightening connector anywhere but Apple? Nope. And they aren’t shipping until October. That means I have to carry one cable with me everywhere.

Overall the fit and finish is amazing. 10 years ago if you had asked me I would have said that fit and finish isn’t that important. Since then I have bought a mini-cooper and an iPhone. Fit and finish are critical. I was able to connect my iPhone to the mini in two seconds – it really is an amazing phone (and the car is bloody good as well). Other than my fussing about the connector – kudos to apple.

A more in depth review to come later.


2 thoughts on “3 days journey with an iPhone 5

  1. That’s encouraging. I have been intentionally waiting to hear reviews from people like yourself. Guess I’ll have to order soon.

    Thanks Doc!

    1. I have to say now that I have my apps on it, and have it configured – ready to go the only thing I miss about my old iPhone is the extended life battery.

      Now if I had one of those – life would be complete.

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