OK, so it wasn’t a touchdown

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Did the officials make a mistake on Monday night football? Yes. When you watch the replay you can clearly see the ball touched by the defender first and in the process of pulling the catch in, the offensive player reached in. Should it have counted? no. Should the NFL reverse that call? Yes. Will they, well they said they wouldn’t today.

The NFL referee strike comes down to pensions. It is pretty scary in our economy that a strike happens due to pensions. I could buy any other reason but pensions? Seriously?

As a long time football fan I would like to say bring back the refs. The game is suffering and it is frustrating to watch week after week, blown call after blown call.

However, refs, pensions? In this economy? Seriously?

Yeah being a ref is a tough job. It is however less physically demanding than playing so I don’t understand this strike.

For the sake of those of us who love the game, can we settle this thing fairly? Drop the pension request and get what you think is fair for everything else. The owners need to budget a bit to, coming closer to what you need other than the pension.



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