Do you miss traveling?
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The fitbit device is amazing. On the way to 6 million steps (should be there by the weekend) and over 10,000 flights of stairs. It is amazing to me to think about numbers that large – but then thinking back each step is another step forward so I guess in the end the value is to keep on trucking.

Someone asked me yesterday do you miss traveling? I used to travel all over the world. The honest answer? Not a single bit. I like coming home every night. Sure at times I come home at 8 pm. But I come home every night but two this year. It is a huge feeling of relief to not be traveling all the time. In the end I do miss the free vacations but having a family to come home to is better than anything.

Living in Maryland is awesome. I do hate the DC traffic. I had a meeting downtown last night and ended up driving (I should have taken the Metro I know lesson learned) but was someplace that I had driven to so I drove. It took me an hour and 25 minutes to drive 30 miles.  It could have been worse.

Live and Learn.


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