The Reign of Terror
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I have a question.

Why did I travel all those years?

I love my wife and kids. I have been home all but 4 nights in the past year. I have come to realize that all those years of traveling did little for me. I love hanging out with my kids. I love hanging out with my wife.

I bought a set of the Creative Gigaworks speakers for the computers downstairs. I have more than one computer, but really only listen to sound for a couple of them (mostly music and video on the Macintosh). They are really good speakers overall. I am listening to my iTunes classical collection while trying to finish a bunch of documents for internal and customer projects. I don’t know why I work better when I have music playing. In my office at work I have a nice portable IPod music player. So now I have a large portable Macintosh Music player at home.

I am trying to shrink the crap in my office. Right now I am working through that. At my current rate of pieces parts absorption and removal it will take me a million years.

oh well.

Luckily Dylan rearranges my office and moves all the papers. So in the end at least I am getting rid of trash.


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