Sunday wrapup…
My Amazon author page!!!!

Here is a question for those with more knowledge in this space than I have. With iOS 5 on my ipad I had 4.8 gig of space remaining. That seems like not so much, but when I installed iOS 6 I was convinced I would have to clean up my device. Instead – I now have 6.9 gig of useable space and I have added 4 apps since the upgrade. So, is iOS 6 doing compression?

It is an interesting question and one that I am sure will continue to intrigue me. There are two styles of compression they could have implemented, the first being to actually run a compression algorithm on the device the second is to do a better job of sharing resources across the platform. Not sure which one it is, but it is something.

The net new feature I like the most in the new Apple iOS? The ability to create a hotspot on the fly with my iOS devices. Just one more thing I don’t need a laptop for now.

I can now officially see my desk – so I’ve cleared off enough crap. With Dylan helping me (by spreading trash all over my office whenever he is trying to get my attention) I suspect I will make even more progress in the next couple of weeks. He doesn’t like my messy office much – and he let’s me know that.


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