The journey within…
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I miss the way things were.

As we age we look back at the golden moments of our lives. We remember with warm feelings the summers spent dreamily watching the world go by. We seek the inner peace that comes from a hug and being tucked into bed. The moment we realized that we were loved. Cared for and nurtured in ways we hadn’t realized until that very moment.

Today is the first day of the journey that lasts the rest of your life.

The first step takes you on that journey, with each succeeding step adding to your total until the milestones fall like snow flakes on a January morning. Many, unique and collectively something impressive. Each step alone not much to speak of. Even in groups of 100 or 1000 they are not much to watch and see. But in the millions they begin to stretch behind you like a highway.

Begin your journey.


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