What if education were the power that drove the world economy?

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I was thinking about this yesterday for most of the day – processing the “lines” of the debate. I think there is far too much blame going on personally. I just want to know that whatever person wins the other side is going to cross the line and work with them. We cannot continue down this brinksmanship path. It just won’t work.

The rhetoric would have you believe that the problems our world economy faces can be solved in four years. They cannot. It is easier to point the finger of blame than it is to work together solving the problems we have.

The reality of what has to happen is not just coalition of the US factors, rather it is coalition of world groups trying to solve this problem. We have for a long time created and maintained an imbalanced world wide consumption model.  That imbalanced economic model struggles to move forward because of its very design.

I wonder if we could through the UN actually begin to evaluate what we can do to shake up the world economy. To create an economic world where resources weren’t power, education was…


6 thoughts on “What if education were the power that drove the world economy?

  1. I believe that there is an issues with your premise. The reason that resources are power in an economic world is that they are measurable. I can go to any country and we have a some what standard way of evaluating your resources and determining your economic power. Education is almost completely non-measurable. I can easily point out cases where “educated” people are not nearly as competent or capable as “non-educated” people. How would you measure education? I believe a case in point would be trying to hire some. How many resumes have you looked at where the person looks like the most education and experienced person and once you interview them you realize that they have not learned anything from their education and couldn’t think their way out of simple problems. This issue alone makes education a very poor way to measure power.

    1. Your comments are well made. I suspect however that if we valued the concepts of education more there would be better ways to build and measure educational progress. Certainly there are many instances where educated people fail compared to un-educated people but what if in fact we move the entire world up one notch? The concept of an idea being worth more than gold…

  2. I agree with your points of educating the world further, that is a very worthwhile goal. I do disagree that an idea is worth more than gold and I do disagree that moving the word up one notch will improve the world’s economic issues. This is because ideas in and of themselves have no value. How many times have you heard someone say “Oh I thought of Facebook years ago”. There are so many ideas out there but what we lack is action. An idea has absolutely no value at all if you are unwilling or unable to act upon it. So my challenge would be to not only educate people but empower people to act upon their ideas. If we educated people on how to do things like start businesses, manage business, or just in general how to manage their own money then I think we would see dramatic improvement in the world’s economy.

    1. Interesting point. In fact it doesn’t matter that someone “thought of facebook years ago.” it matters that someone thought of facebook and implemented it. We live in a world where ideas are worth more than we realize. From books to computer software we pay for ideas every day. The question remains however if we educate people so that everyone starts at the same point would we in fact be able to solve many problems that continue to vex our world?

      Ideas are worth more than gold. How much gold would it take to buy Facebook today?

      1. I think you are missing my point. If we educate a bunch of people that have great ideas and do nothing but sit around and talk about them all day then we have accomplished nothing. I may have an idea to end world hunger, it may be an idea that would work and an idea I thought of because I am educated. If I do nothing about it then I may as well have left my education behind, went out to the fields and did some manual labor to feed those people. Education and ideas are important but if we don’t have the people out there actually doing and not just thinking then we have nothing. Your last sentence on Facebook actually proves the point. All those people who had the idea of Facebook before it was created, how much are their ideas worth?

        We need to educate our children to start acting and stop sitting, start being innovators and quit finding someone to work for. Take your education and go out and make something with it. A college education is important but I still say it isn’t so important that you should be in debt up to your eyeballs for it especially if your only goal is to work for someone else who had the idea and the motivation to go out and create something.

      2. Actually I got your point. I just have a different viewpoint. I believe that the cloud computing concept of crowd sourcing will in the end prevail. Which means the smarter we make the source, the more problems that will be solved. If we create an environment where we do value ideas more, I suspect your points will be moot.

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