Late day blogging…
My Amazon author page!!!!

I wonder sometimes which I think this blog establishes fairly effectively. I don’t know about things and I end up thinking about them for days trying to take them apart. Not because I am a genius but because I like to understand how things work. The boys and I went on a walk yesterday around Clopper lake (which is near the house). During that walk I realized I had passed that desire to understand how things work to my sons.

They follow the same pattern I do, taking things apart mentally and then figuring out how they work. It really made me proud. That and knowing my reaction to taking long walks with my parents – its nice that they like to take walks with me and Dylan on the weekend.

I think sometimes as a parent its as important that they boys do things they way I do them, as the reality of how they do them. It’s a funky parent thing but you do get a great sense of personal pride in that.

The problem is that as a parent you always want to make sure they don’t make the same mistakes you do (and boy I made a few over the years). That really in the end isn’t possible, but you wish that.

Late blog today – had to review some internal documents for work…


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