To be equal…
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And I choose the path less taken and am all the wiser for it.

Seems an easy thing. Choose the path that isn’t beaten down, isn’t trampled, isn’t filled and littered with the bodies of failure and the corpses of those that tried but in the end didn’t have enough to take it all the way.

Take the path less trod.

It’s a line I’ve used for years, in my book Transitional Services it is the poem I end the book with. Not that books should end with poems but that I choose to end my book with the lines immortal of Robert Frost.

You see in those words there is more than a cautionary tale. There are many other cautionary tales from various artists over the years. Kansas wrote “All we are is dust in the wind.” Neil Young wrote “It doesn’t mean that much to me, to mean that much to you.” All stories of what happens when we forget that we are on a journey together.

Its about equality.

Looking at the person nearest you with the thought that person is your peer, your “homey” your equal. Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote “Mine is not to reason why.” It really isn’t.

We are as equal as we allow others to be.


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