Ego Towers from the other side…
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On my serious blog (not that I am not serious here, this just tends to be more of a personal style blog rather than my other blog which tends to aim for more professional topics) I’ve been talking about Ego Towers.

We all have egos. We all to a degree build Ego Towers. The one that impacts us the most in our personal lives is the “can’t be wrong” tower. Over time people establish communications patterns. When those patterns change there can be issues. One of the issues is if the new pattern of communication is negative (the can’t be wrong syndrome). We can all be wrong.

So the can’t be wrong tower impacts you when you are looking. The problem with Ego Towers is that people build them. I suspect no one sets out in heir life to build one. We do however all build one. In my other blog I talk about the concepts of an Ego House (that we all have – I suspect while a little negative the Ego House would be the pattern) and the Ego Tower (the negative or Anti-pattern). You build your Ego Tower right on the foundation of your Ego House so you don’t actually have to move.

Ego Towers are risky for other people in that they don’t move. You see a give and take in the process we call communication. An acceptance that both sides have merit and then moving from there.

You run into Ego Towers at interesting times. They can destroy a meeting agenda. They write interesting documents that focus on what they have done to promote themselves. They use the word we. We usually means a collection of people focused on the same problem, issue and sometimes we is family and friends. We isn’t a term used to describe what an Ego Tower is doing, but they do that all the time.

There is a great song from the 1990’s from the Spin Doctors called “Little Miss Can’t be wrong.” It is the concept that I found many years ago in building out the Ego Tower Communication anti-pattern.

Anyway – nothing else came to mind today so I carried over a theme from my other blog.


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