What you do means more than what you say.

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It is my personal belief that everyone is equal until they prove otherwise. For me the only way to prove you aren’t equal is to try to prove you are more equal (for all the fans of Napoleon the pig out there). I’ve spent years working with many people who were more equal. Or at least spent a lot of time trying to prove they were not equal. I have put together the table below (what they say, what they mean) to show people that I caught what was going on. Plus, it’s a great review exercise.

What They Say What it really means
You don’t need to have a college degree to be successful I don’t have a college degree.
We did this before Last time I tried I failed. I suspect since I am not supporting you you will fail this time as well.
There is a better way You are doing this wrong
Let me explain (again) how I do this. My way is the only way, please stop trying to do this another way you are only embarrassing me.
What I meant to say was (hell its your problem your feelings got injured but I will happily pretend to care a little).
In public they say one thing In private they say something a lot nastier.


You run into people who are better than you all the time (really, just ask them). You can identify them because their jokes are always at your expense (which is ok – if you also make fun of yourself). They always tell you how to do things and then are shocked when you do them differently. They say things to you that they would never say to their boss. In fact, if you are in the room with them and their boss things are said completely differently than they are one on one.

Like Ego Towers it pays to avoid people like this.

Good luck though. I find they are often everywhere.


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