Another Shameless Review–Kestrel 4500
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In the movie Journey to the Center of the earth the hero’s of the story use a portable weather device to monitor wind speed and the overall temperature as it increases. I am a huge fan of the Kestrel devices in that space – the use AA batteries which unlike some of the others makes them much easier to leverage in emergency weather situations.

The 4500 comes in a couple of colors (olive to blend and camo to blend even more). The include a lanyard for ease of carrying (around your heck). Even with two AA batteries the device weighs less than 10 oz so it isn’t a burden.

It comes with altimeter, barometer, wind gauge and a thermometer. I have tested mine at –3 degrees Fahrenheit and today 38 mile an hour sustained wind. It worked very well in both cases.

There are a number of devices in this field but the Kestrel stuff is top quality.

  • They are easily hand held or worn around your neck
  • The screen is bright and easily read day or night (really important)
  • There is no mistake when they are on or off.
  • Power button is recessed so you don’t accidently power the device on
  • shock resistant (as much as anything can be)

I have to admit prior to my ringing endorsement of this particular product that I am a weather geek. I’ve had a weather station in my house (and hand) for more than 10 years. That said I highly recommend the Kestrel device family (they have a number of models and options.) Personally I like the 4500 series but they do have a number of other options as well.


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