Hurricane Sandy – 2012
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We survived the Hurricane. Seems no matter where we live there is always bad weather. I guess that says something although is it about me or simply that no matter where you go there is some form of bad weather.

The winds last night were amazing. At one point during dinner we all looked up and realized that in fact we probably shouldn’t have been eating in the dining room (2 windows – plus the family room has many more than that and there is nothing between the family room and the dining room except air – and air doesn’t stop flying glass shards effectively.

Dylan doesn’t like the wind much. I can’t tell if he was abused or was basically outside on his own for extended time periods. He is very much of a lap dog versus an outdoor dog, but he does loving being outside. Except of course during storms, then he wants to find a safe place and hunker down.

It was kind of fun having everyone home yesterday. I am looking forward to thanksgiving when that happens again.

By the way for anyone interested my mother’s name is Sandy. We called her on Saturday and said “the news said you were coming on Monday.” After yesterday that just isn’t as funny as it was on Saturday.


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