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This is my 52nd Halloween on this planet. It is however probably only the 45th or 46th that I actually remember. One year I remember going as a football player (heavily wounded during the game) but I think I was 8. I enjoyed the concept of getting candy but never really spent a lot of time actually on my costumes.

Now my kids are a different story. My favorite all time year was when we lived in Cincinnati Ohio and Barb and the boys went as the Cat in the Hat and Thing 1, and Thing 2. Although Luke, as Thing 2 wishes to point out all these years later that it was a numerical ranking nor a birth order thing and instead they should have been called Thing 1 and Thing A.

The kids used to get costumes that my mother made – some of them were really amazing over the years. Lions, Bears and Blue the Dog were examples (my mother is very creative.)

Now they are all just grouchy teenagers although my beanie will not be a teenager much longer (20 days in fact counting today).

Time is give to children and stolen from parents.


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